TDot’s Tips #3: Learn to Cook

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Sep 14, 2009 in TDot's Tips | Subscribe

At the end of last week I mailed just over half of my Fall financial aid refund to my grandparents, both of whom are retired. It was the responsible “good grandson” thing to do, and the warm fuzzies you get from doing something positive are more than worth the cost… but I still had a minor heart attack when an entire digit dropped off the length of my bank account balance and I had forgotten why :)

On the upside it forced me to resume paying closer attention to where I’m spending my $$.

We all know living on a tight budget is a reality of student life, especially in law school when you’re actually not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week (and if you even work that much you’ll likely FUBAR your 1L academic record).  That makes law school a perfect time to learn to cook ;)

In looking at my last few grocery receipts, I can eat pretty doggone well on $100 or less a month depending on what kind of coupons / specials / etc I can score.  That’s less than $3.50 a day for 3 meals, snacks, and an obligatory dessert before bed (a bad habit I acquired as a kid).

You also get a better variety than your typical student diet.  Eggs or bacon or sausage or french toast or waffles or cereal for breakfast (or something else of course).  Steak, spaghetti, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, bbq chicken, pork chops, beef stew, etc etc etc for lunch or dinner.  Salad to be “healthy”, Goldfish or Doritos to be not-so-much.  Milk, orange juice, and multiple flavors of Kool-Aid to wash it down.  And a couple gallon tubs of ice cream :D

That’s just my own kitchen of course — the great thing about learning to cook is that it’s like learning to ride a bike:  it’s ridiculously easy, and once you’ve got it down it opens up a whole range of new possibilities (plus it’s cost efficient and you never really forget how to do it).

And if you’re a guy, you get the added bonus of having a skill that guys apparently aren’t supposed to have unless they star in their own show on the Food Network ;)

That’s my snippet of wisdom for the day — have to be ready for PT at 0630 so I’m heading to bed.  For another culinary money-saving tip, check out Jansen’s post today also.  Have a good night folks!

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