TDot’s Tips #101: Tie up loose ends

Posted by T. Greg Doucette on Aug 16, 2009 in TDot's Tips

I was hoping to post something substantive today, but what was originally planned to be a relaxed Saturday working on case briefings for the first day of class on Monday instead turned into flitting about working on various projects in haphazard fashion like someone with OCD cracked out on caffeine.

But being the sporting guy that I am, ever determined to snatch victory from the gaping maw of defeat, I figured the complete obliteration of my Saturday game plan would make a perfect and substantive post:  tie up your loose ends if you’re coming to law school.

Finances, extracurricular obligations, women (or men), setting up your apartment — get it all fixed long before classes start.  In my case I actually did a pretty good job cleaning up my life, then transporting it from Raleigh to Durham…  I just waited until the week before orientation to do so.  And as you might have guessed from the first item in my list of why a T4 was my first choice I’m not exactly rolling in cash, so there are certain basic accommodations for most living quarters that I’m currently missing (things like a couch/futon, chair, decent desk, or any other accoutrements to read/study law aside from sitting on my bed).  And boxes. Lots of boxes, filled with various things that people put in boxes but don’t need urgently enough to merit unpacking them in anything vaguely resembling a timely fashion.  Like books.  Lots of books.  8 boxes of books to be precise, of a mostly computer science or cooking nature.

The clutter drives me bonkers, so every time I started working on those case briefings I’d notice something else I need to do… then while doing it, notice something else that I need to do… then notice something else, that I actually start working on… then when I finish, realize I never finished whatever I started working on originally… and so on.  Before you know it the 11pm news is on and it’s about time for me to jot down some notes on the blog and head to bed.

So that’s my contribution to the betterment of your life:  tie up your loose ends before you come to law school ;)

I’ll let you know tomorrow if I actually succeed at working on work.  Good night folks!

(And no I don’t actually have 100 other tips that I haven’t posted yet, I just figured I’d use 101 since it’s (i) the first prime number greater than 100 and (ii) coincidentally happens to also be a binary number equivalent to my post count.  Don’t hate me for being clever :P)

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